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Luxurious Upgrades at Atlantis Resorts

While many of our guests compliment us on the quality of their vacation experience with Atlantis we also do get suggestions for improvement from time to time. We listen. Due to these suggestions, as well as one of our primary goals of continuous improvement, we are excited to announce the following upgrades.

500% + Increase in Internet Bandwidth at both Atlantis Dumaguete and Puerto Galera

While we all understand the desire to “get away from it all” many are unable to do so, at least as much as they like due to the need to be connected. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Both of Atlantis’s beautiful resorts, Puerto Galera as well as Dumaguete have made substantial investments to increase bandwidth speed a min of 500% over previous levels. This was accomplished by installing our own microwave “air fiber” transmission link over the Verde Island Passage between Batangas (15 miles away) and our Puerto Galera resort, as there is no high-speed service offered by providers in Puerto Galera.

At our Dumaguete resort we opted for new fiber optic cable that runs 11 miles from the city of Dumaguete. While the cost was substantial in both provider fees as well as system investment, the net result is both our resorts now offer Multi-MB service to our guests free of charge.

New Luxury Suites in Dumaguete

Over the past couple years Atlantis has progressed with our renovation of existing units. Our latest four units (12,14,15 & 16) came online earlier this month and incorporate all we have learned in the first renovations, as well as adding new improvements.

1) Increased living space! We added almost 50% in quality living space to the existing unit. Large closet with storage for travel bags. King or two
double configurations. Two connecting units make a wonderful family unit with extensive deck space good for a family of 6 plus.

2) Light open coordinated color palate. 32 inch HD LCD TV. Large built-in work area with high-speed Wi-Fi and multiple socket charger plugs.

3) Full wall outdoor window garden views from the bedrooms.

4) Update larger natural stone and tile bathrooms with spacious designer double granite vanities and glass block enhanced lighting and showers. We also added instant hot water heater assists to the existing solar heating systems to insure nice hot showers after a great day of dives.

5) Beautiful outdoor garden view deck living areas featuring rattan couch and seating as well as granite coffee table with outside charging plugs and ceiling fans.

6) New upgraded bedding including Tommy Bahama tropical weight blankets and duvets. Matching tone on tone sheets (took us a year to get the material) as well premium, cool, memory foam pillows.

These are only the major upgrades. Make sure and request one of these new Garden Suites for your next visit to Atlantis Dumaguete. We are sure you will be impressed and these will prove to be our most popular units.

To further temp you – book one of them by Nov. 31st to arrive no later than 12/31/16, mention discount code “GARDEN SUITE UPGRADE” and we will deduct $300 per couple for a reservation of a week or more.

Recent Sightings

 Sometimes it just happens that you’re at the right place – and at the right time …

Atlantis Dumaguete guest David Cameron shared this colorful photo

The signal goby, or crab-eye goby to some, has recently been spotted in Dauin South. It was found along the edge of the reef at 15m/48′.

It’s prominent dorsal fins with eye-spots, or ocelli, and  jerky, back-and-forth movement make it a very distinctive and interesting fish to photograph or observe.

Signal gobies usually come in pairs; they dig a burrow which they dive into whenever they feel threatened. When approached carefully, divers will be able to see them go about their business.

signal goby

Signal Goby