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Flamboyant Cuttlefish Hatching

We are hovering over the shallow bottom of the black volcanic sand on the Atlantis House Reef. It is February, on a gorgeous sunny day, and our dive guide points out a half coconut husk lying face down on the bottom; we carefully approach as he flips the coconut husk using his pointer stick. Hundreds of tiny, semi transparent whitish eggs are inserted in between the husk cracks. Those are Flamboyant Cuttlefish eggs, and before we know it, some of the eggs begin to hatch in front of our eyes. It is beyond incredible; I can’t begin to describe my fascination with these critters, around 5cm in length, with magical camouflage capabilities: they don’t only change colors in a split of a second, but they also change their body texture! Normally purple, brownish and white, when approached, they often hover without moving, with their skirt-like fins feathering in the ocean-like wind, staring into your soul with their grayish-matt, and suddenly, before you are able to digest their rare beauty, they change their appearance completely, become anything, even transparent, and vanish. Now imagine watching the tiny transparent youth hatch, having the same camouflage capabilities of an adult, they become purple, brownish and white immediately upon hatching… I had goosebumps in my 5ml wetsuit!

Critter diving is all about the thrills of finding the small weird things you have never seen before; it’s about the sense of surprise you get when something that looked like just a rock suddenly comes alive, or flipping a leafy grass you think nothing of to find it shelters crazy little critters like the Pygmy Squid. This is what advanced diving is all about. Not in terms of diver skills, no, but in terms of the mindset and the ‘lense’ you put on when you go diving. Diving Dumaguete, and diving Apo Island, offers divers incredible opportunity to view the underworld in Philippines.

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