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Toko's Restaurant Staff

Toko’s represents the very best of resort cuisine in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete.

atlantis chef marlon

Marlon Abao – Head Chef
Atlantis Puerto Galera

Locally born and raised, Marlon has been with Atlantis for six years; in-house trained this incredibly talented young man has progressed to one of the area’s finest chefs and our second in command. While a little on the shy side you will not be disappointed with anything Marlon sends to your table.

Jun Tubog – Head Chef
Atlantis Dumaguete

Jun’s story is not just about Jun, but also about his brother Jerry.

Jun grew up in his Dauin family home in the shadow of his big brother, Jerry, who was the Sous Chef of Toko’s Restaurant for Atlantis Dumaguete and well respected in the area for his talent. When the two brothers were preparing family meals at home they would always argue; Jun trying to prove his cooking style was getting better, and Jerry always telling Jun he was ‘doing it wrong’. Jun always wanted the day to come when he would be able to show off by cooking something his brother would be proud of.

In 2008 Jun also began working for Toko’s Restaurant as a bartender. Only four months later on Christmas Day, Jerry was killed in a motorcycle accident. The very next day, Jun asked the Executive Chef if he could begin to work in the kitchen to follow his brothers footsteps, and was immediately given the role of Assistant Cook/Porter. Jun’s ambition to make his brother proud was stronger than ever.

In 2011 he left to study Culinary Arts at the International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) and after was apprenticed at Aubergine, one of the best restaurants in Manila. In the following years he gained experience in resorts and restaurants as he traveled around the islands of Luzon and Negros. His skills in Asian, Italian, & Western cuisine grew as did his reputation as a talented and upcoming Filipino Chef.

In 2014 he returned to his home town of Dauin and came back to where it all started: Atlantis. He is now the Head Chef of Atlantis Dumaguete and still says his brother Jerry is his inspiration. Jun manages a team of 10 chefs and his favourite cuisine (in a nod to his apprenticeship) is Italian. He has an 8 year old son who loves to cook and especially to chop.

His most memorable Atlantis moment: ‘For me it was standing up in front of 107 guests in the Diving For Life week (November 2016). The Organizer, Matt, had come in to the kitchen with such an angry face and I thought he wanted to take me to a guest for a complaint. When I walked out, all 107 guests stood up and applauded and thanked me and my team for the week of food. That has never happened to me before.’

dumaguete chef jun tubog
atlantis chef jun dumaguete resort
atlantis 50bar ton-ton

Danilo “Tonton” Bueno – 50 Bar Bartender
Atlantis Puerto Galera

Danilo, aka Ton-Ton, is truly an Atlantis Puerto Galera icon. Typically Filipino, he is always willing to please all with his humble attitude and friendly nature. Ton-Ton works in Toko’s 50 Bar, our relaxed drinking venue down on Sabang Beach. He takes pride in his bar and ensures the MP3 volume is up and has music for all occasions, the beer is flowing and shooters are lined up ready whenever the infamous bar bell is rung. It is not uncommon for Ton-Ton to work his crowd into a frenzy of cheers and singing during the night.