Indulge in a Swedish, Shiatsu or Reflexology massage in Puerto Galera
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Atlantis Spa

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 7am – 10pm

For Inquiries & Reservations:

Puerto Galera Resort
 +63 (0)43 287-3066 to 69
Mobile: +63 917 562-0294

Dumaguete Resort
+63 (0)35 536-0206
Mobile: +63 917 851-5126


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Our Guests Love Us

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Lydia Lodge - United Kingdom (Oonasdivers)

We loved every minute of our time at Dumaguete. From our fresh coconut cocktail upon arrival, massages to die for,…read more

Dennis & Anna Will, United States of America

Really an unforgettable holiday!Is the Atlantis in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete have made it such.Resort, diving and services, excellent!Resort staff…read more

Simone Barbieri, Italy

The trip was absolutely wonderful! I don't think your staff could have done much more for us to make us…read more

Truxton Terkla, United States of America

Just wanted to let you know that we had an absolute ball. The accommodation was immaculate and stunning and the…read more

Tony Watts, Australia

I am writing to send a HUGE THANK YOU to you and all the team at Dumaguete. Leon and I…read more

Carole Harris, Dubai UAE

Of the many dive resorts I have visited world wide, I have never been to better resorts than the Atlantis…read more

Daniel Ledbetter, United States of America

Our group was at Puerto Galera in August. We have traveled all over the world diving together for 15 years.…read more

Don Mustic - Sub Sea Systems, LLC, United States of America

Oh my god!! What a trip, what a great bunch of people and what a place to dive. I cannot…read more

Jon Erskine, United Kingdom

Atlantis Resorts was great ! Everything was perfect, pickup at the hotel, boat transfer and a nice 'Welcome' at the…read more

Hermann Preil, Hong Kong
atlantis tripadvisor certificate of excellence

I was well taken care of from start to finish. Once we were met at the airport, I never touched my bags again. We took a van to a boat and arrived at Atlantis around 1am. It was a super smooth transition for a tired group.

The staff was amazing. They seamlessly committed all our names to memory immediately.


I just finished spending a week with Atlantis Dive for the ScubaBoard Invasion. I can’t say enough about the customer service. They are the best. Everyone knew us by name as soon as we walked in the door. Amazing! The staff knew us.. They knew what we wanted, and how we wanted it.

The food is second to none.. Amazing food! Along with the amazing food, they went out of their way to prepare it the way you wanted it. Gluten free diet? Boom! There it is. Fabulous food.

Atlantis Dumaguete Spa Services
Atlantis Dumaguete Spa Services
Atlantis Spa
Atlantis Spa Services
Atlantis Spa
Atlantis Stone Spa

Enjoy a wide selection of reasonably priced therapeutic and relaxing massage and spa services. Our purpose built spas offer private and tranquil areas to enjoy your choice of treatment – the perfect way to unwind and add the finishing touches to your vacation. Massages are proven to stimulate and tone the body as well as helping you unwind. Our therapists are trained to international standards. Our prices make this an affordable addition to your dive day… every day.

Treatment & Services

Our facilities include imported spa beds and lotions to add to your comfort and enjoyment. The tranquil surroundings, smells and sounds of our spas will help put you in the mood to relax and wind down.

Atlantis Signature Massage

(Atlantis Exclusive) A unique massage blending Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology massage. This luxurious stress relieving massage will help restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit – an absolute indulgence.

Hot Stone Massage

Exhale and relax as warm stones are placed on your body and used as an extension of the therapist’s skilled hands to knead and melt tension away. A soothing, synchronized massage tames tension, soothes stressed muscles and relieves fatigue. You emerge feeling tranquil and refreshed.

Swedish Relaxation

A classic Swedish massage using gliding and kneading techniques to improve circulation, calm nerves and relax.

Japanese Shiatsu

‘Shi’-meaning thumb, ‘atsu’-meaning pressure, this ancient form of acupressure massage reduces muscle tension and fatigue.

Blissful Medley

A combination of Japanese Shiatsu, Swedish massage and Thai massage for deep relaxation and relief from discomfort.

Thai Feet & Hand

This ancient Chinese treatment concentrates on pressure points in the hands and feet that address the entire body.

Deep Tissue

Firm yet relaxing combination of Swedish and Thai bodywork to relieve tension in muscle and connective tissue.

Back, Shoulder & Neck

Relax and loosen muscles tensed from travel or life back home, release stress or address areas of discomfort.


Atlantis Calming & Nourishing Facial

De-stress with this relaxing facial for all types of skin. Relieving stress, redness and soothing minor irritations, our facial includes a relaxing massage of face, head, shoulder and neck areas.

atlantis spa services

Body Treatments

Dead Sea Salt Scrub & Oatmeal Conditioning Wrap

Our mineral rich Dead Sea Salt Scrub to exfoliate and ultimate skin is followed by a moisturizing Oatmeal Wrap which is both relaxing and stimulating all at once.

Oatmeal/Yogurt Scrub

A delicious combination of our relaxing Honey Scrub followed by our Yogurt Moisturizing Wrap. Guests advise their skin absolutely glows after the relaxing combination.

Hair Treatments

Protein Hair Spa

A protein treatment is applied to the hair, followed by a relaxing scalp massage and finished with a heat application to allow the protein treatment to penetrate the hair to protect from or repair exposure to sun and sea.

atlantis spa

Additional Treatments

Foot Spa

A soothing foot bath, callus removal, walnut scrub exfoliation, luxurious paraffin bath and gentle massage leave your feet smooth and moisturized.

Thera-Bath (Hands or Feet)

Feet or hands are cleansed then dipped into warm peach parafin wax, sealed, then wrapped in mits or booties allowing the moisture and heat to penetrate the skin for a wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating experience.


(Dumaguette Spa only).

Ear Candling

A natural option to deal with sinus conditions / congestion, ear infections, allergies or vertigo. Mild heat and the resulting gentle vacuum are used to draw wax and fluid out of the ear canal.


Cuticles moisturized and groomed, nails filed or clipped, and polish application.


Cuticles moisturized and groomed, nails filed or clipped, and polish application.

Jacuzzi Soak

(Dumaguette Spa only).

Hand Spa

A soothing hand soak, walnut scrub exfoliation, and gentle massage leave your hands soapy silky smoothand your mind relaxed.

Combination Packages

Best of Spa

Six hours of pure relaxation during your vacation!

  • Signature Massage (1 hour)
  • Hot Stone Massage (1 hour)
  • Body treatment of your choice (1 hour)
  • Foot Spa with Thera-Bath (1 hour)
  • Hair Spa

Massage, Massage, Massage

4 hours of pampering!

  • Hot Stone (2 hours)
  • Signature Massage (90 mins)
  • Foot Spa with Thera-Bath (1 hour)
  • Hair Spa

Create your Own Heaven

Choose any combination of over $100 in Spa services during your stay and receive 15% off. At Atlantis you can afford first class luxury! You decide how much relaxation you deserve.