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Atlantis Educational Foundation

We invite you to help us make a real difference in someone’s life.  Please take a few moments to see how you can help out.

Atlantis started an initiative to try and improve education possibilities for the children at each of its locations in 2006.

Working in a developing country presents many challenges but also many opportunities to help.  Many local schools lack the funds to buy what we would consider the most basic supplies.  Many parents struggle to find even the relatively small amounts of money required to send a child to school.

We invite you to help us make a real difference in someone’s life.   Please take a few moments to see how you can help out.

I Can Help
atlantis educational program
atlantis educational program

Supplies & Materials

Books, pens, pencils, paper and other basic school supplies are always appreciated – these do not have to be brand new or in perfect condition – anything useable is of value.

If you know of businesses at home that are throwing out old office equipment – particularly computers – please let us know. Atlantis may be able to arrange to ship these and make use of them at schools here.

Raise Money or Materials at Home

Several of our regular dive shops have done amazing work by raising money or school supplies in their home towns. As regulars, guests have gained enormous satisfaction by adding this touch of generosity to their holiday. A special dive weekend, raffle tickets or sponsored event can be fun at home and of tremendous value at schools here.

raise money for children
atlantis outreach and educational program

One Off Cash Donation

For the price of meal out at home we can pay a teacher for a month, send a child to school, or provide essential maintenance to school buildings. Whatever you can afford to give we promise to put it to good use.

Your Own Ideas

If you have ideas on how you can help out please let us know.

atlantis educational foundation
atlantis educational program

Sponsor a Child

Atlantis can arrange for you to sponsor a child’s education.  This can be done for as little as USD $75 per month depending on the child’s age and school – little can be so rewarding.