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The Azores has set new standards in liveaboard diving in the Philippines and, many of our guests say, in Asia. Azores is the perfect place from which to explore some of the best diving in the world – we offer four distinct itineraries showcasing parts of the Philippines, or schedules only possible by liveaboard. What stays the same are the creature comforts, great food and welcoming crew.

January through to mid March is diving with Thresher Sharks in Malapascua. Enjoy unrivaled action with these beautiful animals and dive some unspoiled walls and slopes during the week.

Tubbataha is our most popular season running from mid March through to early June – explore kilometers pristine drop offs and see just about anything.

Dumaguete is our base for the summer months of June through to December and our Visayas Safari is a unique opportunity to take in several beautiful islands in one week – something that would take several weeks, or several vacations to do any other way.

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